• WCA President: Westchester County's Booming Healthcare Sector has National Implications


  • Marissa Brett Pens Provacative Column in Monday's Business Journal

  • Westchester County hospitals and providers have traditionally provided world-class care and now they are about to take a great leap forward, notes Marissa Brett, WCA president, in a featured column on the state of Westchester's healthcare sector in the Aug. 25 edition of the Westchester County Business Journal...

    Brett details a number of advances now taking place in Westchester County, which are spurring the current boon in healthcare:
    • Community hospitals are aligning with leading medical institutions
    • New freestanding facilities to treat cancer, fight geriatric dementia and offer one-stop primary and specialty care have or are about to open
    • The Westchester County Local Development Corp. is making millions in low-cost financing available to hospitals and assisted living facilities.
    These advances, together with the robust research activities and clinical care delivered by Westchester Medical Center and others, means more leading-edge care than ever will take place in Westchester, Brett explains. And with major biotech and medical technology companies dotting the landscape here, the idea of Westchester as a national innovation hub is rapidly emerging.

    To read more on why Westchester’s health care sector is healthier than it has been in a long time, click here for the full story. 

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