• Tarrytown to Port Chester in Three Minutes?


  • Yes, with Smart Transit for Smart Growth. Check Out SkyTran!

  • Jerry Sanders is on to something. His company believes in Smart Transportation for Smart Cities, which led to the invention of a low-cost, elevated Personal Rapid Transportation system (PRT) to replace light rail. It might be just the thing to revolutionize rapid transit within Westchester’s cities or as a connector between one side of the county to the other.

    Sanders is the CEO of Skytran, a NASA Space Act company that produces a patented network of computer-controlled, 2-person “jet-like” vehicles that uses Magnetic Levitation (STML) technology to move passengers in a fast, safe, green, and economical manner. This could be just what Westchester needs to move people from East to West and within its cities. Good mass transportation is important to millennials, the largest segment of America’s workforce today. So, better intra-county transportation would be an incentive for them to work and live here, especially since they are now being priced out of New York City.

    Smart Transit!
    “There should be no doubt of our ability to deliver game-changing transportation to the world,” says Sanders, whose PRT is being piloted now in Israel. “Imagine going from JFK to Midtown Manhattan in five minutes and doing so during rush hour!” Or, how about Tarrytown to Port Chester, along the I-287 corridor, in 3 minutes? Or connecting corporate and residential campuses in that same corridor in a fraction of the time it takes now? No traffic jams, a small footprint, and the system can grow exponentially and immediately.

    Does that sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing. Watch the PRT in action when Sanders presents at Westchester: County of Tomorrow, WCA’s spectacular half-day conference on Friday, April 29, that will give you a glimpse of what could be Westchester’s exciting future. The conference will cover this new form of rapid transit, as well as how to fund new projects, and attract innovation and the talent to support it.

    “This will be a ground-breaking event,” says Bill Mooney, WCA’s CEO and President. “If you are a real estate developer, planner, engineer, educator, business person, municipal official, entrepreneur, financier, or just someone who wants to see Westchester become a hub of innovation, then get your tickets today. This will be absolutely sensational!” Click here for more information. As space is limited, it is best to reserve now.

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