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  • WCA Launches the 'Year of Innovation' with Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 17-21

  • OCT 21, 2014

  • Special Programs Include Twitter Chat, Women in Tech Awards Luncheon, Startup Pitch Contest, and Signature Annual Leadership Dinner

    The Westchester County Association today released the details of the “Year of Innovation” in Westchester, a series of exciting programs, designed by the BLUEPRINT for Westchester, to celebrate the innovators, job creators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are moving Westchester forward. 

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  • Recruit Westchester Attracts over 1,500 Job Seekers

  • OCT 17, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

  • WCA’s Collaborative Job and Internship Fair Showcases Educated Workforce, Growing Economy

    For businesses looking to start or grow in Westchester, access to a highly educated workforce with diverse skill sets is critical. Providing that access is exactly what the Westchester County Association had in mind three years ago when the organization signed a historic agreement with the county’s 15 colleges and universities that launched Recruit Westchester, the WCA’s annual collaborative job and internship fair. Since its inception in 2012, almost 5,000 job seekers have connected with nearly 200 local employers at the fair, designed to streamline the job application process and retain talent in Westchester... 

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  • Foreign Trade Commissioners Discover Global Investment Opportunities in Westchester

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  • The WCA Shines an International Spotlight on Westchester County’s Assets

    All eyes are on Westchester County as a place for international companies to start and grow business, which is why 40 foreign trade commissioners gathered at the WCA’s International Showcase, held at Morgan Stanley, to find out about the county’s excellent opportunities for foreign investment and partnership. The showcase was organized by the WCA’s BLUEPRINT for Westchester, an aggressive campaign driven by the private sector to spur economic vitality in Westchester. 

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  • WCA: "We've Never Before Seen a Project of this Magnitude in Westchester"


  • Special Statement on the City of New Rochelle’s Selection of a Master Developer

    “This is a tremendously exciting proposal not only for New Rochelle, but for Westchester County, where we have never before seen a project of this magnitude. RDRXR has put forth a visionary proposal that incorporates housing, retail, commercial, office and hotel space, and is centered around pedestrian-friendly areas and access to great transportation—the kind of development long-supported by the BLUEPRINT for Westchester, the WCA’s aggressive campaign to spur economic vitality in the county.

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  • WCA Launches "Innovate Westchester" Networking Group for Scientists, Researchers, Innovators

  • SEP 30, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

  • Innovate Westchester to provide researchers a forum to share ideas, expertise, and projects within the scientific and innovation community that is thriving in Westchester

    The Westchester County Association’s BLUEPRINT for Westchester has announced the formation of a new networking group for the county’s scientists who want to meet like-minded innovators. “Innovate Westchester” will offer opportunities to researchers who want to collaborate and share the innovations that are coming out of Westchester County, a rapidly-emerging hub of healthcare innovation in the United States.

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