Economic Development

  • WCA Launches "Innovate Westchester" Networking Group for Scientists, Researchers, Innovators

  • SEP 30, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

  • Innovate Westchester to provide researchers a forum to share ideas, expertise, and projects within the scientific and innovation community that is thriving in Westchester

    The Westchester County Association’s BLUEPRINT for Westchester has announced the formation of a new networking group for the county’s scientists who want to meet like-minded innovators. “Innovate Westchester” will offer opportunities to researchers who want to collaborate and share the innovations that are coming out of Westchester County, a rapidly-emerging hub of healthcare innovation in the United States.

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  • Marketing Westchester: WCAs BLUEPRINT Hosts International Showcase for Foreign Trade Commissioners


  • Event Highlights Global Investment Opportunities in Westchester

    Close to forty foreign trade commissioners will get a first hand look at all that Westchester County has to offer to the global business community on Tuesday, September 30, at the Westchester County Association’s second annual International Showcase. Spearheaded by the BLUEPRINT for Westchester, the WCA’S aggressive marketing campaign to spur economic vitality in Westchester, this special event will focus on the county’s unparalleled location, diverse and talented workforce, culture and quality of life—in short, all of the reasons Westchester County is an excellent location for foreign investment and partnership...

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  • WCA Working to Partner with New York City Innovators and Accelerator Candidates

  • SEP 22, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

  • BLUEPRINT Accelerator Network Seen as a Resource for Early-Stage Companies

    Key to the New York metro area becoming a successful biotech cluster is the availability of affordable lab space for the region's innovators in biotechnology and life sciences. That’s why a group of post-doctoral researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai formed the nonprofit organization, Keystone for Incubating Innovation of Life Sciences (KiiLN). They are aggressively seeking space for prospective entrepreneurs as they nurture the biotech innovation in New York City and beyond. And that’s why the Westchester County Association—advocates for the region's growth as a healthcare innovation hub—met with KiiLN’s principals to discuss how the organizations could work together to support life science entrepreneurship. 

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  • New Data Show Slowing of Young Professionals’ Exodus


  • We’re seeing progress in finding ways to retain young, educated workers, but more can be done!

    What a difference a few months make! The news about young people leaving Westchester County’s wealthiest towns in droves, released in a report by Community Housing Innovations last February, has improved. According to a recent analysis of the latest U.S. Census Data, several Westchester towns saw a reduction in the numbers of 25- to 34-year-olds exiting their communities, and some revealed gains. The latest data were presented at recent event at Purchase College, SUNY, by Alexander Roberts, the executive director of the affordable housing advocacy group, who said communities with less expensive housing have shown better results.

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