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  • 8 Big Changes Transforming Westchester County


  • WCA Identifies MegaTrends Pointing to Bright Future

    As we see it, eight forces are reshaping Westchester in surprising and unexpected ways. What’s more, these currents areworking in concert, thus heightening their impact. Looking ahead to 2016, the good news is that these developments point to a very bright future for the county. 

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  • WCA Celebrates the Life and Work of Al DelBello

  • NOV 20, 2015 | 0 COMMENTS

  • Moving Tribute Takes Place at Fall Leadership Dinner

    Respect. Visionary. Grace. Honorable. Principled. Leader. Extraordinary. These were some of words used at the WCA's Fall Leadership Dinner to describe the late Al DelBello, an outstanding public official, attorney, environmentalist, businessman, mentor, humanitarian, animal welfare advocate, and family man. His friends, colleagues and family members together paid tribute to DelBello, who as former Chairman of the WCA, expanded our organization's reach and influence. 

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